Why is Kingdom Hearts one of the memorable and lovable Disney/ Fantasy Playstation 2 games?

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Kingdom Hearts is one of the most lovable, family orientated Disney/ Fantasy Playstation 2 games out there to date. With Final Fantasy and Disney characters that play a part in the intriguing story line that carefully weaves in and out of each characters perspective.

Characters such as the lovable hero Sora, the girl of his dreams Kairi, his best friend Rikku and all the classic Disney characters that are loved and adored by many, bring this tale of darkness into a beam of light and hope that prevails the universal message that love in the heart conquers all.The story starts with an unforgettable intro with Sora dreaming. The dream in this game is the tutorial that helps everyone learn what action buttons and movements provide the necessary actions that are needed to play this game.

The players choose what events and how much they learn by choosing between a sword(offense), shield(defense) and a magic staff (magic ability). Once the path is chosen it sets the advancement speed and knowledge of certain skills in motion for the players. The normal triangle, square, circle and X buttons deem worthy of simplicity in it's finest form. My five year old son has learned how to play this game with ease and no hassle at that, so if he can do it anyone can.

Sora is the destined key holder, whose destiny is to save the other worlds from being destroyed by the horrible force known as "The Darkness". Needless to say the story is very in depth and very lighthearted in it's comedic outlook in everything. Not too shabby right? After Sora defeats the enemy in his dream, he finds that it was a premonition for what is about to come. Eventually he has to defeat this shadow again and head to other worlds where he is the hero with in the trio that is set to fight the evil doers and seal the key hole so that no other enemies return is greeted by none other than Donald, Goofy, Pluto and numerous Final Fantasy characters that so many people have come to adore like Leon, Sephiroth, Sid, Aerith, and Yuffie.

Meanwhile Donald and Goofy have gone in search of their world's king Mickey Mouse. Mickey senses that a disturbance in the worlds is present and has gone out to search for Ansem the Wise to see if he knows anything about the "stars going out one by one". They run into Sora who is in search of his friends Rikku and Kairi, who were lost when their world was destroyed by the heartless.

This is one of the most intricate yet simple Disney/ Fantasy Playstation 2 games that is young and old will enjoy. With many ups and downs within this intriguing storyline while possessing an easy to follow button actions that any person of any age would be able to follow. Heck my five year old and I have even been able to defeat the evil nemesis' in this game known as Kingdom Hearts!

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