What are the best Chrome extensions?

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Today over 70% of all users online use and prefer Chrome over all other browsers, and there is a reason behind it. It's because the Chrome is just better than any other browser. Chrome is fast, smooth, nice designed and it provides various options that you can use in order to make your life easier. One of them is called extensions, which you can find and install from Chrome Extensions Store. First of all, what is the extension? Extensions are apps that you install in your browser, these apps can have many functions that you need, for example, VPN(the safer way to surf websites), Gmail(easier way to see if someone emailed you), Google Drive(easier way to save things to your drive with just one click). These apps make our lives so much easier, and that's why we are here today to provide you a list of the best Chrome extensions that can make your life so much easier. Here is the list of the best Chrome extensions that will make your internet life a lot easier!

Google Mail Checker shows you the number of the emails you have received, and by clicking on the extension icon you can get to your mail account.

Save to Google Drive lets you save things to your Google Drive so much easier and faster.

Grammarly checks your grammar while you are writing. This is a great app, it's very useful app, for example, if you are posting on social media or writing articles this app will fix your grammar.

Full Page Screen Capture turns the whole webpage into a photo. Ever wanted to keep websites content? This app turns the whole webpage into a photo which is even better than screenshots or copying down.

Evernote Web Clipper lets you write your notes.

Mega lets you download things easier.

Pinterest Save Button lets you pin photos to your Pinterest page easier.

Google Hangouts with one click you are right there using hangouts.

Google Translate turns content of the website that's written in the language you don't understand, into the one you do understand. Have you ever been on a website where you can't understand what's written? This is the solution for that.

These extensions will increase your joy of surfing the web. There are dozens of extensions available for you to install for your needs. Maybe you want to change the color of the chrome tab? Or customize the way Chrome looks? There are extensions for that too. You can simply go to Chrome Extension Store and search what you need. You will get the list of apps that match your search. Extensions don't only help you use the browser better, but can also increase your security. For example, there are VPN extensions that replace your Ip address with the other Ip address. How this makes you more secure? Well, your IP address is collected by many websites and you want to protect yourself because there are people who can harm you over the internet. Collect your information, for example, credit card numbers and the bunch of other sensitive information. So extensions can really come in handy!

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